A Seal! Just not the animal kind.

by Heidi Obermeyer

While I’ve been in Munich I’ve been writing quite a large number of letters, and everyone knows that the most important part of a letter besides the content and having the right amount of postage is how awesome the wax seal is on the envelope. What? What’s that you say? You claim that nobody even uses seals anymore, that they are “so 1739”? Oh. Let me stop you right there, because that’s where you’re oh so wrong.

Lucky for me, the Weihnachtsmärkte, in addition to all kinds of Christmas stuff, also had a few rare booths with old-fashioned writing stuff, like quills, and ink, and all those other things people used before the internet got cool. I’d seen a seal in Nürnburg that I really liked, but didn’t buy. So when I found another stand for them in Munich, I couldn’t resist! Now for the big reveal… here’s my seal! (I really hope you enjoyed that rhyme as much as I did.)

München, Bayern, Germany

The stamps are definitely not cheap at about 17 Euro a pop (not including the actual wax, which brought my total to 20), but after doing some online searching and finding nothing that was classy (how is that even possible? Especially considering how many renaissance festival nerds there  are out there in the world!) I decided the splurge was worth it, especially since the wax is really easy to order online in lots of verschiedene Färben (varied colors). Merry Christmas to me! I also watched this highly entertaining video of a little kid who taught me exactly how to use my new seal. Thank you, small yet helpful Southern boy.