College is almost over!

by Heidi Obermeyer

Well, this is it. I recently realized, in a fit of grad school answers, friends getting jobs, and asking around about plans for next year, that my time at CU is really wrapping up. I’m not going to be graduating officially until December (which is still, you know, a solid 10 months away), but after this upcoming semester in Germany I will be done, done, done! And what’s remaining of my degree now is only 9 more credits. So next semester’s theme is going to be “Real Life Practice: Lots of Interning and Minimal Coursework. Also, traveling.” Which brings me to telling you all about my latest pursuits:
1. Interning at the U.S. Consulate in München.
I’m going to (hopefully, once my security clearance is done after beginning the process in mid-December) be working in the Department of Commerce’s branch here, helping out with organizing trade shows and other fun “Let’s trade with Germany” type stuff. I’m really excited to try out government work and see if that’s something I’d be interested in doing as a real-live adult.

2. Enrolling in Grad School.

Last fall (how is that already a thing I can say? November feels like yesterday!) I applied to 2 different grad programs, the German Masters at CU and the TransAtlantic Masters Program at UNC Chapel Hill (North Carolina, not Greeley my lovely Colorado readers :)). I got accepted (what?!) to both programs, and am pretty sure that I’m going to go to UNC for next fall. I know. I can hear the sound of jaws dropping from across the ocean that I am actually planning on moving to a place that’s a) humid, and b) in the eastern time zone. What has gone wrong in the world?! But hey, listen up: it’s only for a semester, and then I’ll be off to Europe again for 2 semesters (in either Bath, England or Berlin) and perhaps 1 more after that for thesis writing (although I will probably return to the States at that time).

It’s really strange to think that I’m not going to be in Colorado for the majority of my time for such a long time. I feel like it will be good for me to get out and about for a while, but Colorado is my home, and it’s jolting to commit to leaving it, even if it’s only for a little while. I’m excited to do it, but it’s always sad to close a chapter, especially my CU/Boulder one.

Anyway, my main point in writing this post was to remember all the cool things I got to do at CU and over the course of my college career. And we’re doin’ it yearbook “best-of” style!

Country written about Most Often in an Academic Context: Saudi Arabia.

At the end here, I will have written over 35 pages about various Saudi issues, from terrorist reintegration into society to auth0ritarian rule. That’s a whole lotta research!

Best Spontaneous Application: My South Africa Maymester Program.

Sometimes, just glancing through the study abroad website pays off big time. This is perhaps the coolest thing I did over the course of my college career.

Most Embarrassing German Mistake: Answering the question “How are you?” with “Heidi!” on the first day of class as a freshman.

It was really scary, okay?!

Best Academic Decision I Made: Dropping out of the Business School.

Can you even imagine me as a business student now? Too weird.

Worst Academic Decision I Made: Writing an 18-page Paper in 12 Hours. 

Probably compounded by a triple shot latté at 9 pm that resulted in a finished paper at midnight, but no sleep until 2.

Strangest Drink Made at Celestial: A 20-ounce Cup of Straight-up Espresso Shots.

No room for cream.

Most Random Skill Learned: Latté Art.

Worst Class: Business Statistics.

Literally went into the final of this course knowing that if I got a 100%, I wouldn’t pass. I suppose that did take the pressure off a bit at the end there!

Best Class: Anything I ever took in McKenna 112.

A particular shout-out goes to both my German final projects, our super awesome movie and, of course, the puppet show that brought the house down.

Lamest Boulder-Themed Thing I Ever Did: Tube Boulder Creek.

That was dangerous, cold, and apparently, according to Emily, full of more germs than you can shake a stick at.

Coolest Boulder-Themed Thing I Ever Did: Hiking Chautauqua, the 3rd Flatiron, and that general area.

You just cannot go wrong with the ultimate Boulder hiking spot. Easy to get to, pretty easy to hike, and amazing views that make you think, “Yeah, that’s right. I live here!”

Most-Visited Spring Break Destination: San Francisco.

I headed out West every single year I was at CU (3 times!). You just can’t say no to San Fran.

Best Hike We Ever Almost Ruined Ali’s Car For: Diamond Lake, near Eldora Ski Resort.

Best Weird Thing We Ever Did With Ali’s Car: Moved my mattress 5 blocks west from my summer sublet to our new home at Goss without cords.

I hear hands are just as strong. Also, we only drove in alleys. So it was super safe, obviously.

Best neighbors: The Family of Raccoons. 

Goss had a lot of loud neighbors, but by far the weirdest to encounter on the way to your car was the giant raccoon family that lived on our roof.

Anyway, those are just a few of my favorite Bouldery moments. Hope everyone’s day is going wonderfully and I’ll talk to you soon I’m sure! 🙂