Restaurant Review: Crackbird in Dublin, Ireland

by Heidi Obermeyer

Our first night in Dublin we got dinner at a really unique restaurant called Crackbird. We found it while we were wandering around Dublin’s Temple Bar neighborhood, a great mix of shops, restaurants and bars that’s a really happenin’ place to be in the city, especially late. Apparently, Crackbird is a so-called “pop up resturant”– it’s only at its current location for 12 weeks (it opened in Dublin on the 21st of February) and we were lucky enough to find it during that time!

Walking in, the decor was noticeably strange the location had obviously been used as a Chinese restaurant before Crackbird came along, so the walls were still covered in huge Chinese tapestries and panels but the tables, chairs, and place settings were all ultra-modern. Weird! It did, however, make for a fresh look that, despite how strange of a combo it was, actually tied together better than one would think.

The menu was fairly short and sweet, but they had a really nice selection of non-alcoholic fun and delicious drinks with kind of strange flavor combinations, like rhubarb lemonade or lime ginger. I ordered a soda mint lime, which was sort of a minty limeade. So good!  For dinner I got soy garlic chicken and Morgan got a lemon garlic bay leaf chicken brochette. It ended up being enough food for probably 4 people (what can we say, go big or go home!) And this was all in addition to a HUGE basket of handmade potato chips to start us off.

The food and drinks at this place were amazing- it was probably some of the best chicken I’ve ever had, right up there with what I’ve eat at the Kitchen in Boulder for twice the price.

Our delightful handmade “crisps” (I still always call them chips, but for some reason can adjust to calling french fries chips just fine. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.)

Here’s Morgan’s lime ginger spritzer:

 And my minty concoction:

And our super messy, delicious chicken.

Overall, I would highly recommend Crackbird, but it’s so sad that it’s only around for 12 weeks! If I return to Dublin any time soon, I am definitely going to try to find the restaurant that runs Crackbird called Jo’burger– I would bet that they probably have really good food as well.

More on the Ireland trip to come later this week! Right now Erik is visiting so I’m blogging in between bouts of exploring Munich, but I’ve got lots of pictures to show you all still. 🙂