Last Week’s Yogurt Obsession

by Heidi Obermeyer

I have been obsessed with yogurt the last few days. I’ve always liked yogurt well enough and don’t really mind it as a breakfast food, but I hardly ever buy it while I’m at the grocery store. German yogurt, however, is the bestest. It’s like American greek yogurt, except all the yogurt is greek yogurt. Whoever thought of that idea should get a medal. A really big one. It could have a cow on it. You know, to represent the dairy product aspect of things.

In addition to all this yogurt as of late, I’ve been buying berries and fruit like there’s no tomorrow since everything is suddenly in season. I love it when you wake up one morning and suddenly, cherries are affordable! At Viktualienmarkt I bought these blueberries that I saw some Germans buying in massive quantities to make jam. I want to make jam! Where do I sign up for all these cool homey food activities?!

Blueberries and I have a lot in common in Germany- since they’re called Heidelbeeren here, we share 4 letters of our first name! It actually makes me like them more than American blueberries. Besides, I always thought blue wasn’t a good enough description for that lovely purpley midnight color anyway.

Strawberries are making a comeback for me too, although shopping for them can be overwhelming if I’m not just grabbing them at the grocery store because prices and quality seem to vary significantly from stand to stand. They always mention where all the fruit originates on the signs, so now my question is… What country do the best strawberries come from?

Anyway, that’s the latest on the food front from here. I’ve got some friends visiting this week and they’re off to see KZ-Dachau and Schloß Nymphenburg today- looks like we’ve got some great weather for it after a few weeks of rain! I’m going to do some reading and keep listening to this song that’s been stuck in my head for days. Have a nice, hopefully-yogurt-and-fruit-filled Sunday everyone!