Working away as the end approaches!

by Heidi Obermeyer

Ahhh… we’re starting to get there people. This is my last weekend in Munich (or at least the last confirmed one, since I’m free for 2 weeks at the end of my time here and am not sure where I’m going to be staying) and it’s hard to believe! It doesn’t feel like it’s been so long (nearly 10 months since I arrived), but then I look back and see that I’ve gone from seeing the city everyday looking somewhat like this…

Munich, Germany

To seeing scenes like this:

Munich, Germany

… And then it feels like a substancial amount of time! The transformation has been amazing. And now that I have a little less than a month left (I go home on August 4th) there’s all kinds of doings that need to get done! Homework! Papers! Work! Cleaning! Packing! Grad School Reading! The list goes on! I’m excited for all the different places I am going to get to see within the span of one month- Germany, Colorado, and everything along the drive from Boulder to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. And that’s 27 hours worth of new stuff on that drive alone, folks.

I had my last day of work on Friday as well, which I finally get to mention- with the U.S. Commercial Service at the American Consulate here in Munich! It was a wonderful experience and made the time this semester go by so much faster- it’s so satisfying to feel like you’re actually doing something with your time. Plus I got to go to their epic 4th of July party- what a treat. There was free everything American- including Starbucks!- and plenty of interesting people from the whos-who of Bavaria. I know several other people who intern(ed) at the Consulate and so we had a really good time hanging out together. There were even fireworks- and that’s more than I could have said about the 4th in Colorado if I had been there!

I’ve been so focused on getting wrapped up here and having visitors (hooray!) that I haven’t even begun to imagine what life is going to be like at UNC. I have a feeling I’m going to just wake up one morning there thinking… What the heck?! How did I even get here?! Just so many things to look forward to right now that I don’t even know where to start. Which I suppose is a good place to be in life 🙂

Let’s look at some more pictures of the Hofgarten. It’s my favorite place in Munich and it is lookin’ fiiiiiiiiine these days!

Munich, Germany

I always walked through here on the way to work. Just another fabulous day! It always reminded me of the unbelievability (why yes, I did invent myself a word!) of our picnic in Paris. Just too cliché and glorious to be real.

Munich, Germany

Copper roofing is the coolest. I’m a big fan.

Munich, Germany

Okay, time to get back to some research for my archaeology class. Nose to the grindstone and all that jazz! Have a focused and pleasant Sunday my friends 🙂