Das Blaue Haus in Oberstaufen

by Heidi Obermeyer

Well guys, it’s been a busy week so far. You know that feeling when Wednesday rolls around and you are like, “Yeah! The weekend is here! Let’s sleep in! I’m not even setting my…. oh my god. I have already done SO MANY THINGS THIS WEEK. THINGS I TELL YOU! How is it only Wednesday?!” That is me today. I’ve done a LOT of things. For example:

-Finished all my homework for the semester, and hence, my undergraduate degree! Woohoo! High fives and party hats all around!

-Vacuumed UNDER my nightstand. Yeah, you heard that right. I know, I’m impressed too.

-Took Test DaF, which means I either a) can speak German!, or b) can speak German, poorly! Either way I think I’m happy.

-Had both “Kaffee und Kuchen” (Coffee and Cake, aka German tea time!) and an almond magnum bar today. GO BIG OR GO HOME! Besides, I’m not going to be able to eat any of this in 2 weeks… right?

-And a bunch of other stuff. Why do I have to write lists to impress you anyway?! Just believe me. It’s been intense.

So that brings us to something pleasant to write about today- last weekend (which I spent relaxing and doing almost NO work in Oberstaufen, which was unproductive and fantastic) and getting myself a little coffee while I was waiting for the train! Blaue Haus is wunderbar people. Just so charming. And not very German, actually. It’s just too friendly of service. And they’re open on Sundays. Something is wrong here. Wonderfully, wonderfully wrong.

Oberstaufen, Germany

Blaue Haus (the blue house) is pretty new (maybe just a few years old?) and is always full of people enjoying its delightfulness. One of the most happenin’ places to be in the ‘Staufen if you ask me!

Oberstaufen, Germany

This is one of those business ideas where someone was probably just like, “You know what would be cool? A café in a house. And the café should also be a foodie bookstore and house decor store, and all the tables will be really comfy and cozy. Also cookies will come with all the coffees.” And then it was so my friends. And then it was so.

Oberstaufen, Germany

Blaue Haus is actually run by some German-Norwegians, if my memory serves me correctly. They have fantastic taste. Just look at this coffee, will ya? And that darker blue trim! Meine Goethe!

Oberstaufen, Germany

I’m usually a big believer in latté art, but Blaue Haus may have made a plain-foam believer out of me. Also, have you ever had a cappuccino before? It’s like a latté, but with a whole lot of foam on top. Half the drink, same … er… price? And totally delicious. Use your full punch card on one next time. It’ll be tasty.

Oberstaufen, Germany

I’m loving that cute, chocolate-y, powder-y touch. And a cookie comes with it too?! You had me at steamed milk.

Oberstaufen, Germany

Seriously though guys. Milk foam is delicious.

Oberstaufen, Germany

Anyway, if you’re ever in the ‘Staufen (as I have affectionately begun to call that little town) definitely check out Blaue Haus! I’m a huge fan. What about you all? Any good coffees this week? Latté art to share? I wanna see! I’m just getting ready for a relaxing last two weeks (!!!) in Germany before I head back to ‘Merica (as I have affectionately begun to call that little country) in August. Here’s to (finally) summer!