A Few Pictures from Last Summer

by Heidi Obermeyer

So, like I mentioned in my last post, I got my phone back when I got back to Colorado. Cue the cheering for me finally having a way to look at maps and on the go again! Besides that obviously useful navigational tool, I also really missed having a camera with me 24/7. I had my big camera, which of course takes awesome photos, but somehow it’s just not the same as the potential spontaneity that you’ve got with a good ol’ cell phone. Plus, since I hadn’t been using my phone for a while, it was a total trip down memory lane, or at least back to summer 2011. Check out these pictures!

A little latté art from working at Celestial:

Boulder, Colorado

Driving up to Aspen:

Dillon, Colorado

A football game at CU just before I left for Germany:


A little bit more of CU’s campus. It’s just so beautiful in summer!

Boulder, Colorado

Here’s a particularly trippy little gem, my ticket out of America way back in September of last year:

Boston, Mass.

Coffee at Trident in Boulder with Susanna (I’m not sure how I remember that it was Susanna, but I’m certain of it. Also, please excuse my overload of retro cam pics. Somebody’s gotta take the hipstery photos around here!):

Boulder, Colorado

This is probably the only time I ever genuinely wore rain boots in rain in Colorado.

Boulder, Colorado

Ooooh and here’s the USS North Carolina, a World War II battleship that you can go tour in Wilmington, North Carolina. My first and only trip to North Carolina before this one!

Wilmington, North Carolina

Well, that about wraps up this little trip down memory lane. I’m just hanging out at home this weekend watching Netflix (still working on How I Met Your Mother; I’m on season 3 now!) and doing reading/a little bit of writing for class. I also need to go broom/mop shopping, which should be absolutely thrilling. I might even try and get to Target without a GPS! Big changes people, big changes.