D.C. in Instagrams

by Heidi Obermeyer

D.C. was an instagram-filled time in my life. It’s just one of those things where you get to a new place and everything is cool enough to warrant some interesting filters. Some fun facts I learned while wandering the nation’s capital are that the First Lady does not have to be the President’s wife (sometimes she was a daughter or niece of the Commander-in-chief) and that you only refer to D.C. as “the District” if you’re asking someone if they’re cool enough to actually live inside its boundaries and not in one of its plentiful suburbs in Virginia or Maryland.

Anyway, here’s a peek at the District.

The White House. [Washington, D.C.]

Hotel Helix, stomping grounds for TAM. [Washington, D.C.]

Home away from home. [Washington, D.C.]

At the National Portrait Gallery. [Washington, D.C.]

The World Bank’s beautiful, beautiful building. [Washington, D.C.]

After lunch at World Bank, where several stories of terraces look over a fountain pool. [Washington, D.C.]

The think tank that publishes Foreign Affairs. [Washington, D.C.]

Near the EU Delegation, the streets abuzz. [Washington, D.C.]

27 member states. [Washington, D.C.]

My favorite site visit. [Washington, D.C.]

Then we got down to a little exploring. [Washington, D.C.]

Metro. [Washington, D.C.]


Chinatown. [Washington, D.C.]

Waving cats. [Washington, D.C.]

The Smithsonian Castle. [Washington, D.C.]

All natural. [Washington, D.C.]

Carousel. [Washington, D.C.]

Waiting for dinner at Georgia Brown’s. [Washington, D.C.]

Monument walk at night. [Washington, D.C.]

Our good friend Abe. [Washington, D.C.]

A stop at Arlington National Cemetery on our way home. [Washington, D.C.]