TAM Goes to Washington Part IV: The Monuments at Night

by Heidi Obermeyer

I went a little out of order here… I’m terribly sorry. My last night in D.C. I got dinner with my good friend Luke, and afterwards we went on a looooong walk through all of the monuments at night back to Georgetown. I like doing these long city walks every once in a while- in Munich they were what really tied together all the different pieces of the city for me.

Here’s the White House again, but this time… at night! Ooooohhhh. Ahhhhhhh.

Next up was the Washington Monument, which really grew on me over the course of the trip. So useful for navigating as a D.C. newbie.

The first episode of Parks and Rec this season takes place in D.C., and it is hilarious. I would definitely check it out. This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip:

In the Parks and Rec episode, you can see that the reflecting pool was empty almost all summer. At first I was surprised by this, but then… no. That is such a Washington-y thing to have happen. Real mature, politicians. You’re really sending a message with that one.

Next up was the WWII Memorial, commissioned by our very own GWB. In some class a few weeks ago we talked about how he built this to garner support for the war in Iraq. Interesting. I guess I’m most surprised by the fact that there wasn’t one before.

The memorial is actually very cool and involves lots of water elements. I’m all about the water elements.

I wonder what the electricity bills are for lighting up all these monuments at night. Do you think that they break even with the amount of tourist revenue the monuments bring in?

The World War II monument involves lots of stars- each representing 100 people who were killed in the War.

There’s a lot of them. It’s crazy to think that that war actually changed the demographic makeup of our country.

Next up was a visit to Mr. Lincoln himself in all of his seated glory. There were a surprising number of people there! I think it’s kind of the end point for the informal monuments-by-night walking route.

He literally prevented one country from becoming two countries. That is pretty awesome.

Question: how often, and how exactly, do you think they clean these monuments? Do they gather dust like nicknacks on a mantle or do they get fairly well cleaned (and/or damaged) by the elements? Just something to think about for your Friday. Have a delightful weekend!