A Christmas Wish List for Mid-November

by Heidi Obermeyer

1. To find my Kindle charging cord. It vanished as soon as I got to Chapel Hill. Or maybe I just didn’t bring it. Who knows! Point is, the seemingly limitless battery life of my Kindle has dissipated and I am left with nothing to distract me from paper-writing but Netflix and scarf knitting.

2. A lifetime of unlimited New York Times AND Wall Street Journal subscriptions, for even news coverage. A girl needs both the NYT style section and the WSJ’s comprehensive business news coverage to stay up-to-date.

3. A letterpress and the ability to make plates for it. Nerdiest Best wish of all time! I just want to be a paper product designer. Time to switch majors. Is it too late for that? I’ve been lusting after this print on Etsy for a while. And wish I had visited this print shop in Nashville in August:

I’m still thinking of ordering one from them via the interwebs. I keep accumulating all these prints/postcards/art pieces and keep moving so that I never see them for more than a few months. It’s a problem.

4. More time to explore the parts of the South I haven’t seen- namely Charleston, Savannah, Atlanta, and the Outer Banks. I thought I was going to hit all of those while I was living here, but alas, no such luck. :/ I want to see Spanish Moss hanging from trees. That was a major Southern goal for me!

5. An iPhone, or really any kind of phone that will gracefully transition from continent to continent and keep pace with my super chic international lifestyle (aka, living out of a few suitcases worth of stuff for 6-month stretches). I also wouldn’t say no to having a maps app with me- in Munich I had to re-adjust to planning ahead and writing down where I was going instead of just looking it up when I was close. Maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing.

6. More time around animals, like cute little Kaya here:

7. A cool mini internship for next August/September somewhere. I was thinking about trying to find something in marketing or another field outside of the political realm, just to switch things up a bit. I also would not mind getting paid- did you see this article about unpaid internships?

8. Some of those tall, comfy-looking knitted socks that everyone seems to be folding over their boots so stylishly these days.

9. Two feet of fresh powder and the first chair up of the day.

10. A book about the history of Berlin, so that I can learn about my future place of residence. T-minus a little over 2 months!

11. Roommates who will eat what I bake and cook.

12. The ability to knit mittens. Think of the possibilities!

13. A pint of lavender and a pint of Earl Grey ice creams from Bi-Rite Creamery in San Francisco. I just bought their cook book (which is very informative and fun to read), but they also have an ice cream recipe book, so I suppose I could just make this one myself.

14. At that, actually, a trip to San Francisco wouldn’t be half bad.

15. Amazing handwriting. I told you, I’m on a paper kick. Just go with it.

16. A book about some famous politician. I’ve considered this one about Madeline Albright’s pins, this one about being part of the secret service, and this one about the “Presidents Club”. I really hate hearing about the presidency during election season, but I am just so interested in learning more about the office after the whole selection process is over and done with.

17. A herd of kangaroos. Because of course that is a great idea.

Anyway, that’s enough distraction for me on this crisp autumn Saturday (I recently decided to start referring to fall as autumn- it sounds so fancy, and apparently in some countries they only say autumn. How weird is that?). How have the first 12 hours of your weekend been? Any awesome things that should be included on a currently-lusting-after list for late fall autumn?