A Zen Post for Working on Papers

by Heidi Obermeyer

I’ve been working on getting a LOT of writing done the last few days. Canadian social welfare policy? I’m now quite knowledgeable. Ask me anything. Did you know that the birth rate in Canada is 1.7? That’s below replacement rate. Developed nations need more babies.

I just wanted to take a break. Here’s some pictures of things I’d rather be seeing in front of me than library books (my coffee can come with me, though. It’s nearly always welcome, except after about 5 pm :)). Actually, on second thought, library books are usually welcome too. Maybe I what I really want is just to get off the computer.


A wonderful picnic with friends.

Luitpold Torte with some Earl Grey tea dazu. And look at those cute little sugar rocks!

Lindau, and the lion guarding the harbor.

Christmas in Munich. It hasn’t snowed here in North Carolina yet. I don’t think it’s going to. It’s both pleasant and confusing to not be breaking out the winter coats. In related news, my scarf-knitting is going very well!

And that’s my Zen, let’s-relax-for-a-few-minutes post for the day. I hope it gets your Wednesday off to a relaxed start 🙂