Airports, New Belgium, Thanksgiving.

by Heidi Obermeyer

Happy Tuesday-after-Thanksgiving-Break! I just got back from Colorado this morning at 2 or something. It was crazy. My flight got delayed by about an hour so I didn’t get home until very late. I may or may not have been wearing my shirt on backwards for most of the day. And by may or may not I mean definitely was. Darn it.

While I was at the airport last night, I decided that I can probably pinpoint my affinity for travelling to visiting the airport as a kid. There is nothing not cool about the airport under the age of 14: big, loud machines that can fly, picking up parents who you missed terribly, probably getting to get a milkshake, and the feeling of being solely responsible for someone’s checked bag getting past you on the carousel. Plus window seats! I’m still a window seat kind of girl. My apologies to my future children, who will definitely have to fight me for those.

Over Thanksgiving break, I didn’t do too much- the majority of my Colorado buddies were out of town, so I spent a lot of time watching Netflix and trying to find my watercolors in all my boxed up stuff. I would say I was successful in both activities! I also went on a tour of New Belgium Brewery (headquartered in Fort Collins, although they’re opening up an East Coast brewery in North Carolina. Woo! It’s like a little Heidi’s-places-of-residence brewery. Awesome.) with Dustin. It was cool!

Look, they even have things decked out for Christmas (and their seasonal brew, Snow Day).

New Belgium does a really good tour. You taste a pretty good number of beers (at least 4) and they’ve decorated most of the rooms that you visit, which are usually both whimsical and bike-related.

My favorite beer (at least of the ones that we tried on this tour) was called Brett’s beer. They said something about it involving tropical flavors. Basically it was a slightly girly beer, aka drinkable, light in color, and named something non-threatening.

New Belgium also ages some of their beers in gigantic barrels like wine. I don’t quite understand exactly what makes that better, but one of the cooler facts about barrels full of heavy liquids is that the wood swells and seals any cracks that could leak. It’s self-leak-regulation! Pretty cool, eh?

I also went on the tour once before I was 21 (maybe 2 years ago?) and they have expanded production significantly since then. There’s an entire building dedicated to bottling now.

Their beer-related art is seriously awesome. Bottle lights!

And a chandelier:

We wrapped up our tour evening with dinner in Old Town. And the next day was Thanksgiving! The baking/cooking abounded. I made a few pumpkin pies, Swedish visiting cakes, and a cranberry-apple pie. Nom nom nom!

Karl got out the accordion after dinner, because apparently no family gathering of ours is complete without a tip of the hat to the Bavarian roots.

Karl’s German (and Germanic activity participation) is WAY better than mine. He’s more German than most Germans.

Plus the Bavarian flag in the background? Wow. Just wow. (Maybe I can’t say that… I have one too.)

We also ate some delicious stuffed squash- such a winter food!

And some asparagus and gravy, served with a cute little spoon…

The next few days were filled with essentially nothing. Erik returned from California on Saturday, so we went over to our old high school and I learned how to ride his motorcycle, which I have been meaning to do for quite a while. It was so much fun! There were 3 or 4 other cars circling the building that definitely contained kids learning to drive stick, so I had some company haha! I’m going to try and get my motorcycle license before I head abroad again. I have to get the permit first and then take a test where you have to do all sorts of stuff, like a right-handed U-turn. Consider that for a minute… it was actually really difficult to practice! No one ever makes a right-handed U-turn!

I was still in the Centennial state until about 7 pm on Monday, so I got to see a few people who were back. Emily and I went to the Market in Denver and ate about half of an insanely-rich-yet-delicious German Chocolate Brownie, which was fun. It’s a cute place!

And that about rounds up my Thanksgiving break! Not too eventful; I probably should have done more schoolwork since I’ve got visitors coming this weekend (and it’s my last in Chapel Hill) and one more big paper (also my last in Chapel Hill). How was your break? Bake/cook anything delightful? Or, if we’re feeling negative today, terrible? Have a nice remainder of your Tuesday night!