Moving moving moving!

by Heidi Obermeyer

moving pic

It’s my last night in my apartment and I’m busy packing up- everything needs to be examined for usability, because a lot of this stuff isn’t gonna see the light of day for at least another year while I’m completing the Europe-based semesters of TAM. This feeling is so surreal… my North Carolina semester is over, and next time I unpack all this stuff, where is it going to be? Is the road trip back to Colorado this time around the only long distance car travel my things are going to do before they emerge again? Would they even be packed into the same car? Will I even have a car? What if all my books get wet and fall apart? (Most nightmarish scenario.)  What if all my books grow interesting molds that turn the pages weird colors? (Most interesting scenario.) What is everything is just where I left it? (Most likely scenario.) Am I going to have the same phone number? Will anyone remember me? Am I even going to be the same me?

So many questions! They’re strange things to contemplate, people. I’m so intrigued to see what the answers will be. But we all know what the most important question of all is for right now…

What are we bringin’ as road trip snacks? 🙂