The Last Days in North Carolina

by Heidi Obermeyer

Well, I’m back in Colorado. I’ve driven almost 2,600 miles since leaving Chapel Hill on December 6th, and it’s been a long last few weeks. Certainly a whirlwind, and certainly one that I’d rather not repeat in the foreseeable future. Sorry Kansas, but we are just not friends. You need to be driven either on day one or not at all!

My mom and sister came to visit me in Chapel Hill my last weekend in town. We wandered around town, ate lots of pretty tasty food, antiqued, and just sort of lazed about together. It was a pleasant way to end my time in NC.  I got some sparkly gold shoes, by the way. They were only $8! Anyway….



We drove all around the Chapel Hill area doing random things. Our antiquing was mostly in Hillsborough, where we also stopped by a random old cemetery to check out some of the graves. One of the guys buried there had signed the declaration of independence! Hooray for American history on the East Coast.



The big highlight/adventure of the trip was a tour of the Duke Lemur Center. They have the largest menagerie (fancy vocab alert!) of lemurs outside of Madagascar, which is super cool. And if you’re an anthropology student there you actually get to conduct research with the lemurs, who are totally adorable and friendly and just such lovely little primates.


Answers to a few common questions I’ve gotten about the lemur center: 1. Did you get to touch a lemur? No. My attempts were stopped by concerned staff members at every turn. 2. How cute are those little guys in real life? SUPER CUTE!

nclemurhandThe guy giving our tour was just a freshman, so I’d say his primate knowledge was about on par with my own as an anth major (Toot toot, Morgan ;)) but he would have been perfectly adequate for groups of kids, which I think is usually their target audience. They told one really good story about a few lemurs who escaped an enclosure and some local children who lured them into their school’s library with the fruit from their lunches, having learned earlier via a field trip to the center that lemurs like to eat fruit.

Since we were over near Duke anyway, we also stopped at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens that Emily and I visited when I first arrived in NC. Even though it was December, there was still quite a bit of stuff blooming and the place still looked pretty spiffy.



I think red berries always look so festive in the winter months, too.



I’m finally getting a little excited for Christmas. Going up to Winter Park last Friday and seeing actual snow really helped, but it’s hard not to miss the decked-out streets of Munich in times like these. Christmas Markets and Glühwein just make the season significantly brighter.



What are you guys doing for Christmas prep? Any good cookie recipes I should try? I think Emily, Susanna and I are going to try and get together some time this week to decorate some, and I want a delicious dough for that project!