A New Year: 2013!

by Heidi Obermeyer

Hello, 2013! Even though it’s a bit of an arbitrary marker of time, I always like welcoming in a new year. It’s a fun distraction during winter and I always feel like I’m much closer to spring when I start writing down January instead of December. I’m so excited to start a new year (and I’ve got a good feeling about this one) but I think 2012 deserves a reflective post.

I don’t think I ever really settled into 2012- everything was so mobile for me, so it’s a really disjointed 12-month period in my mind. I definitely travelled the most I ever have in my life throughout 2012, by plane, train, and automobile. And I definitely did the most new things I’ve ever done in my life in a one-year period. I would venture to say it was one of the most difficult years I’ve experienced (I say now, as a twenty-something), but also one of fairly significant growth, which I’d like to think is a positive thing.

In 2012….

Approximate milage flown: 24,127

Approximate milage driven: 4,234

Best class: Deutschland und Israel: Geschichte einer Beziehung (History of German-Israeli Relations)

Worst class: Archaeology of Turkey before the Roman Empire. Blergh.

Most satisfying activity: Finally graduating from CU!


Least satisfying activity: Attempting to cook anything in Studentenstadt. Actually, just Studentenstadt. Period.

Favorite place I visited: Garmisch in the summer.


Least favorite place I visited: Budapest, Hungary. Meh.

Best parts of the South: Southern hospitality and the TAMily 🙂 And visiting Morgs in VA!

Worst parts of the South: The humidity and styrofoam usage.

Anyway, those are just some tidbits from last year! 2013 is a little bit more planned out for me than 2012- I know where I’m headed for most of it (minus 8 weeks next summer- know anyone who wants an intern?) and I also feel like I know what to expect from going abroad, at least much more so than when I left for Munich in 2011.I’m excited for 2013- let’s do this one up right! 🙂