Project 365: Week 1

by Heidi Obermeyer

January 1: Being sick. Cue no picture, or a pitiful picture of a tissue box, ’cause I went through an entire one in 24 hours around this time.

January 2: Being sick again! And again no photo, but do know that I was planning on a picture a day still. Let’s imagine a picture of a cup of tea. Or some Emergen-C.

January 3: Bitter Bar, Boulder, Colorado.


January 4: Departure for San Diego! Sadly without my camera, which I forgot in my car. At the airport. There was some major sadness when I made that realization in the security line.

ImageJanuary 5: Walking around various parts of San Diego was a major green infusion that my psyche definitely needed. Succulents, succulents everywhere!

ImageJanuary 6: Visiting La Jolla, for caves, sea lions, and surf.


January 7: Biking around Cornado with Ben. This is the Del- the famous hotel of the island, one of the oldest Victorian-style buildings on the West Coast.



And that concludes the first week! I really think hope I’ll stick with it- I’ll have a smart phone in Germany this time, so that will make having pictures of everyday things much easier! Happy Tuesday to all 🙂