Project 365: Week 2

by Heidi Obermeyer

January 8: Leaving San Diego. It’s going to be a long time before I’m back in SoCal again. 😦


January 9: Goss House, Boulder, Colorado. It was a final goodbye to my old place at Goss, which really makes the Boulder chapter of life feel signed, sealed, and delivered. I really don’t live there anymore now.


January 10: Spent the whole day packing for Germany and got lunch at the Taj in Fort Collins with Erik. Pondered how weird it is to know that you aren’t coming back to a place for a long, long time.


January 11: Left for Germany via Denver, D.C., and London. Missed my initial London flight due to snow at DIA, but was rebooked without issue.


January 12: The first day in Berlin and getting back on the U-bahn for the first time on my way to pick up the keys to my new place, hooray!


January 13: Waking up jetlagged. Inspiration for that Peter Fox song?


January 14: Bright and early, and very quiet.