Flohmarkt Finds: A Winter Trip to the Mauerpark

by Heidi Obermeyer

On my first weekend in Berlin I caught the tram over to the Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg to check out the Flohmarkt, or flea market, that takes place there every Sunday. In Munich I had gone to one huge Flohmarkt held every year before Frühlingsfest, and Morgan and I found a beautiful tea set for just 10 euros. Sadly the Frühlingsfest Flohmarkt is only an annual occurrence,  so I am excited to now be living in the land of selling-random-stuff-on-a-regular-basis.
flea9Berlin is many things, but naturally beautiful ain’t one of ’em. That goes for the Flohmarkt as well. It was nice and grimy!
flea10Luckily I am one of those people who likes digging through mostly useless crap on the hunt for gems, and I actually found a few this time around. Blog readers, meet dishes. Dishes, meet blog readers! My first discovery was a mug.
flea7It’s kind of strange- I think it looks like your run-of-the-mill retro coffee cup, but the bottom indicates that it was “Made in the Republic of Ireland” by “Celtic Earthware.” It sure doesn’t look very tacky considering its (apparently) touristy origins!
flea8It’s got birds and flowers and leaves all over it, AND a perfectly-shaped handle. Mmmmm. Just right for Sunday mornings and leisurely New York Times perusal.
flea6I also bought two beautiful plates that I eventually plan on eating cake off of (if I ever get around to baking something in my scary gas-powered oven) but for now they’re functioning as a jewelry dump or candle holder.
flea11This one unfortunately has a hairline fracture in the middle, but I liked the design so much I decided it was an acceptable flaw. Isn’t the green criss-cross part interesting?
flea4The other plate I bought is square-shaped. It is literally hip to be square. Ha! Get it? Because the plate is square, and I got at the hipster flea market… did you like that one? Yeah, I agree. It was maybe just okay. 2/5 stars.
flea3Marie Antoinette probably had dishes that looked like this. I always think of royal people having tea and laughing about money when I see flowery dishes.
flea2I read a post by Cannelle et Vanille saying that she collects loner dishes to photograph her food creations on, and her pictures are always amazing! Maybe I’ll have to assemble my own collection.
flea1This certainly won’t be my last Flohmarkt visit, as I hear there’s a good one in the Tiergarten and a few more in other parts of town. The Mauerpark Flohmarkt is awesome because it’s open every week, rain or shine, and even on holidays. Any good thrifting finds on your end these days? Or are there better markets in Berlin that I ought to see?