I have invented a breakfast item and I’m calling it Arugula Toast.

by Heidi Obermeyer

I made a delicious breakfast last weekend, and it made me want to shout with joy from the rooftops. Preferably from inside (due to cold). So maybe like a rooftop sunroom or something, since it’s winter and all.
toast13toast11toast12This invention involves all things that are good in Germany at breakfast time- Bread, cheese, tomatoes… it has it all. PLUS arugula. I need to preface this by saying that an intense childhood food memory for me is how much I hated stemmy lettuce. Even today I have to question the sanity of those who enjoy a mouthful of stem. The instinctive solution is, obviously, to only eat the leafy parts of salad, just as any sensible goat would do. Someone once told me in a wilderness survival lecture that you can eat dandelion leaves and that they’re really good for you, and after examining a few specimens I was horrified  at how stemmy they were. Dandilions are for gathering in enormous bunches for playhouse decorating only, everyone knows that. They are certainly not for eating!
Anyway, I digress. I have moved on (mostly) from my anti-stemmed lettuces phase, and have now entered a hip-buzzword lettuce phase. Hence, the arugula. Ohhh my, arugula. It just rolls off the tongue. I love it! It certainly provides an excellent name for this breakfast, which I am calling…. arugula toast! Here’s what you’re going to need:

Bread. Sliced bread. Or unsliced bread. I bet you could freestyle this one with a baghette or something if you were feeling creative.

Cheese. I like Brie, and that’s what I ate with this for most of the week, but I ran out for the weekend so I just used a basic Bergkäse (“mountain cheese”).

Eggs. I usually eat one, but I bet if you were hungry you could fit two on a piece of toast. The world is your oyster! Get creative!

Tomatoes. Try and get delicious ones. That’s kind of hard in the winter, but maybe you live in Australia so you’ve got plenty on hand right now.

Arugula. I don’t think I would substitute this. It really brings a little oomph into this whole situation!

First things first. Toast your bread. Then slice up those toms, preferably quite thinly. That ups the wow factor, which we are all about on this blog.
toast10Slice up some cheese too. Bergkäse… there’s just nothing like it in the States. Or if there is, it’s certainly not consumed in the enormous quantities it is here.
toast8Then you’re going to want to spread out your cheese on the toast strategically so that you get a bite of it in every bite, like when you’re putting chocolate chips on top of your peanut butter toast.
toast6Next we’re going to fry up an egg. Add some salt and pepper. You can do that however you want to. Go crazy! This is a pretty flexible recipe. Sadly I haven’t gone back to Oberstaufen yet (where my egg-sized pan is stashed away in a box) so I have to cook my eggs in a big, scary, hard-to-flip-them-in-pan. #heidiproblems
Okay, now that your egg is done, carefully arrange it on top of your toast so that the heat from the egg sort of starts melting that cheese. Now we’re talkin’!
toast5Let’s take a quick break and laugh at my sugar because it is EU-Qualität 1 (EU-quality 1). Glad to see that the ol’ Union has nailed down those sugar regulations.
toast9Time for the tomatoes! Spread those on there in an aesthetically pleasing way. Half of the beauty here is in the preparation and the process! Breakfast should be fun.
toast7And finally, the piece de resistance- Arugula! Just a whole handful. As much as you want!
toast4Make sure that looks nice’n’purdy too. I still pick out some stems if it’s getting a little too stem-crazy in there for me.
toast3And suddenly… you have done it! You have assembled a wonderful specimen of arugula toast!
toast1I made myself some coffee while I was working. I usually add some hot chocolate mix or cocoa powder to it… that makes life better.
toast2So that is arugula toast! I hope that you find a morning to make it for yourself this weekend because it is seriously delicious! I am going to need to go get more supplies for it since I used my last egg for this little kitchen photo shoot.

I am so looking forward to kicking back this weekend and to starting my re-read of the second Harry Potter book, since it’ll be a new month of my free rental period from Amazon Prime and I am taking a little trip down magical memory lane.  Ich wunsche euch ein schönes Wochenende und wunderbares Frühstück- I hope you have a nice weekend and a wonderful breakfast! 😉