I Heart Prenzlauer Berg.

by Heidi Obermeyer


It’s been a slow past few days for me here in Berlin. For some reason I was very tired last weekend, and hence took a few good naps while the free time was available. I (again) didn’t go do anything very cultural, but I did get in a good bit of neighborhood exploring. People have been kind of surprised when I say I live in Prenzlauer Berg- a neighborhood that used to be cool, but is now filled to the brim with a bunch of ex-cool kids who are starting families now. It’s gotten quieter, filled up with schools and kindergartens, and lost some bars… and I LOVE it.
All the children being around makes it feel very safe, even at night, and also makes it nice and quiet after around 9 pm. Things that are less than 5 minutes away from me: An awesome yarn store, an awesome bookstore, what seems like a million awesome cutesy cafés, and an EXTRA awesome, totally legitimate photo booth. Could there be a more perfect Heidi neighborhood?! I think not!
This weekend’s agenda: Berlinale film festival today, dinner tonight, and back to the Flohmarkt on Sunday perhaps 🙂 Stay warm in that blizzard, you East Coasters among us!