Late Trams, A Pet Peeve.

by Heidi Obermeyer


True story from today:

The trams got all backed up.

Me: I’m going to walk a few stops! Zen! This is totally fine! I ought to be getting more exercise anyway!

*15 minutes, 3 stops later…*

Me: Okay, there’s the tram heading to Nordbahnhof to turn around. I’ll wait at the next stop.

*10 minutes later…*

I board a PACKED tram.

*2 minutes later…*

A couple boards the packed tram and THEY CONTINUE TO HOLD ONTO EACH OTHER LIKE JACK AND ROSE ON THE TITANIC as approximately a million disgruntled passengers are trying to get off the train. People are literally having to maneuver around them because they refuse to be physically parted from one another for the 10 seconds it takes for everyone to disembark.

Moral of the story: Germans are the touchy-feely-est boyfriends and girlfriends I have ever seen. Their public displays of affection are so sappy that they could have even the most committed romantic turning away in disgust.

The best part about it: Every time a German starts dating someone, they act like they’re going to marry that person.

The worst part about it: Every time a German starts dating someone, THEY ACT LIKE THEY’RE GOING TO MARRY THAT PERSON!

Oh Germany. There’s just some things I may never understand about this place.

Side note of interest: I totally saw some real live gypsies on my walk between stops setting up a circus. I am not making this up. It was awesome.