The First Visitor + East Side Gallery

by Heidi Obermeyer

marni1marni3marni4marni2marni7I had my first Berlin visitor! Marni came last weekend, and brought with her the endless energy and enthusiasm one requires to trek all over this town in one weekend (or really any time you’re visiting a few big things in one day)! We wandered Berlin and encountered a legitimately concerning number of crazy people on public transportation- at least 5 who were weird enough to warrant a seat change. Berlin! C’mon! Show a visitor your good side! Maybe this is why all the other big cities treat you like an outsider.

We went to the East Side Gallery (a piece of the Wall that has been turned into a public gallery), which you can see in most of the pictures above, as well as Schloss Charlottenburg, one of the last palaces standing from the era of Friedrich the Great of Prussia. We also got brunch at this lovely place called Anna Blume, a café and flower shop that had great coffee and even better food. It’s a 5 minute walk from my house (score!), so I’m sure that I’ll be back.

In additional Berlin news, IT IS STILL WINTER HERE. What is up with that?! This time last year I was exploring Paris with Erik, Morgan and Andrew, and there were no coats required, even when we spent the whole day outside at Versailles! But alas, in Berlin there is still (very frozen) snow on the ground that’s nowhere near melting, and we’re supposed to get even more flurries early this week. I know I complain about this almost every post, but…. JUST END WINTER! You are no longer welcome in these parts.