Flea Market Finds in March

by Heidi Obermeyer

Look at all the cool things I found at the Flea Market this month! Okay, the flowers weren’t included, but they were too pretty not to put on the internet. I love these rough-petal tulips! Just right for brightening up the day. Branches from blooming trees are at all the florists here now and I would love to get some of those sometime, too. I keep seeing parents biking by with a kiddie trailer in tow and a bunch of branches sticking out next to their children. Scoot over, kids! Hehe.
Now to talk about all my new ceramic things! I bought 4 new dessert-sized plates, which will be just lovely for tea and cake in the afternoon. The one with the big bunch of flowers in the middle actually has a navy border that looks black in these photos.
Next up is  that huge vase from the 60’s with tons of Berlin landmarks on it that I mentioned a few weeks ago. It’s got a small crack in it that I’m going to have to superglue, but is otherwise in really good condition. A nice Berlin-themed souvenir that isn’t too kitschy.
Last, but not least, is a smaller blue patterned vase/cup that I think will be really nice for flowers on my desk. There’s some elements of old-fashioned German decor that I really like, and this kind of patterned pottery is one of them.

Other than cool dish-searching, I have recently been gathering the insane amount of paperwork it takes to get a residency permit. This morning I tried to go get my visa when the office opened at 7 a.m.- I walked in at 7:10 and they were already out of numbers to wait in line for the day! It was crazy. I’m so glad I made a backup appointment when I first got here! It’s not until April 23rd, so no travel outside of Germany for me until then. 😦 I guess I will have to entdecken only Berlin for another month!