Project 365: Week 14

by Heidi Obermeyer

April 2: Starting school again does not a happy Heidi make. A note to self: Don’t forget to look up in the city for architectural happiness.2April2013

April 3: Went for a run for the first time in a month. A sculptural discovery in Prenzlauer Berg.3april2013

April 4: Back to Mensa food. This is a…. Baked noodle block? As big as my head, at any rate.4april2013

April 5: Friday night and Dan’s last day. In Kreuzberg.5april2013

April 6: A dodo whilst out running errands. One thing you can never say about Berlin is that it’s boring.6april2103

April 7: LIVING THE DREAM- I saw Merkel in real life.8april2013

April 8: A long day at the Messe, a half hour wait for the bus, and a Germany where spring is still deep in slumber. Walking a few stops to kill time in who-knows-where Hannover.88april2013