Im Großen Garten- Dresden.

by Heidi Obermeyer

On Monday I returned from a weekend away visiting an old friend from high school- one of the first Germans I ever met, actually- 2 hours south of Berlin in Dresden. Dresden is a gorgeous place, full of interesting history (it was bombed to smithereens during WWII) and beautifully reconstructed buildings. It’s a wonderful stop on any trip to Germany and if you’re ever looking to see more of the country than Berlin and Munich then Dresden (and Hamburg) should be on your list.

The Großer Garten (Great Garden) is Dresden’s main public park and arguably one of the most beautiful parks that I have ever visited. Meticulously well-kept, with miles of paths and a myriad of activities available (including renting rowboats, a miniature train loop that still uses steam engines, and long, paved central paths that are excellent for rollerblading), the Great Garden is a perfect example of the German joie de vivre when it comes to urban outdoor spaces. The palace pictured above is the centerpiece of the park and plays host to a variety of concerts throughout the year, and is surrounded by the portion of the gardens kept in the French style (instead of the more “wild” English style pictured further down in this post). I came at the right time to see all of the trees flowering, which was gorgeous. I’ll have to head out to Potsdam soon to see how the gardens down there are coming along as well!

The rest of the week has been fairly uneventful. I witnessed a German fire drill (everyone sat inside as the alarm was going off for about 10 minutes until a German woman came running through screaming, “Raus! Raus! Was macht ihr?!”), found a good falafel restaurant near my house (which got me so psyched for my Turkey trip at the end of the month!), bought Madeline Albright’s autobiography (very well-written- did you know she went to high school in Denver?!), and confirmed that I will be heading to Bath next semester. I had already made that decision when I first applied to TAM, but had been toying with the idea of staying in Berlin. Since it’s a bigger city there are more internship opportunities (and generally more things to do than one can expect from a small English university town) but I’m actually looking forward to living in a more rural place again. I hear from multiple sources that Bath is beautiful, and since the only place I’ve visited so far in the U.K. is London I am excited to see the countryside as well, especially after spending years spent reading James Herriot and dreaming of being a vastly under-equipped post-WWII farm veterinarian.

I’ve got more Dresden pictures on the way (mostly of the delightful Altstadt, or old town) and a recipe for marzipan cinnamon rolls (that were delish!) coming up soon. Stay tuned and have a delightful weekend!