Flower Power! The TU Botanical Gardens in Dresden

by Heidi Obermeyer

I have been on a major flower kick on the blog lately, but it’s no wonder- everything just looks so pretty! Particularly in Dresden. The Technical University’s Botanical Gardens were full of interesting plants, including an area where they were testing which ground-covering plants help tulips grow best. It’s good to know that the TU Dresden is working on making Europe’s flowers even prettier than they are now šŸ™‚ I visited the Botanical Gardens in Munich too, but I don’t think they were tied to the university there, at least not as far as I could see.
While we were walking to the entrance, my friend was telling me about an incident that occurred while he was doing some work for his internship in the Great Garden in which they found a machine gun and ammunition from WWII while digging in a field (he’s studying Landscape Architecture). The weapon and supplies had just been abandoned, leading historians who later excavated the site (in secrecy until everything had been safely removed, because apparentlyĀ there is a black market for WWII artifacts and a network of thieves who steal them) to conclude that the post had been abandoned as the Russians rolled into Dresden at the end of the War. Such a historical town! As we walked around the Botanical Garden there were also plaques that noted which trees had survived the firebombing and labeling a few that had been killed but whose trunks were still standing, even some 70 years later as we were walking around- in 2013! That’s pretty amazing.
Anyway, not much more to say on the Botanical Gardens. I am currently working on a ton of stuff for school (basically the only week of the semester that that’s going to happen with only 3 courses) because I have two presentations next week and also need to present one of the readings for a class called “Urban Nightmares.” My text is actually from a book that I read in an anthropology class at CU, so I’m feeling extra prepared for that one. The sociology andĀ politicalĀ science departments at Humboldt (where I’m studying) are combined, which made for a nice change of pace when I went to choose an elective and found lots of options outside of my normal EU-related barrage of courses. Once I finish everything, the fun really begins- I’m heading to Hamburg this weekend, Istanbul the next, and to Italy to see Morgan after that! Plus Emily is coming to Germany at the end of June- Woohoo! I’m glad that things are picking up- it was getting a little monotonous around here šŸ˜›