Project 365: May 2013

by Heidi Obermeyer

I’m cutting Project 365 posts down to once a month- fewer posts for you, more danger of forgetting for me! Here’s the rest of May:

May 7: Book shopping. I bought a copy of Madeline Albright’s autobiography, continuing my bios-of-former-secretaries kick.7may2013

May 8: Freie Uni Altbau.8may2013

May 9: Berlin’s oldest Biergarten.9may2013

May 10: Lunch veggies.10may2013

May 11: Shopping at Potsdamer Platz.11may2013

May 12: Volkspark Friedrichshain- it’s so nice out!12may2013

May 13: Getting ready for the Sicily trip- Italian book, guide book, and a new bathing suit.13may2013

May 14: Why yes, that is a man at the u-bahn clipping his fingernails. No one ever said this project had to be pretty.14may2013

May 15: Pretty aspen trees near Freie Uni.15may2013

May 16: Visiting Pernille at the Nordic Embassies! Very cool architecture.16may2013

May 17: Hamburg!17may2013

May 18: Germans love books.18may2013

May 19: Grilling in Hamburg.19may2013

May 20: The Fernsehturm on the way back into Berlin.20may2012

May 21:Almost done! Both referats for the semester in one week.21may2013

May 22: Lunch at the art institute before a referat in Dahlem.22may2013

May 23: TURKEY.23May2013

May 24: Inside the New Mosque in Istanbul.24may2013

May 25: Blue Mosque by night.25may2013

May 26: A delightful fancy dinner in Istanbul.26may2013

May 27: The view from our hostel rooftop.27may2013

May 28: Trying to do more things in Berlin- Bode Museum.28may2013

May 29: Some days I forget that I’m supposed to take a picture every day. On those days, I take pictures of my lamp at 11:30 p.m. that look like the moon.29may2013

May 30: Street Food Thursdays! So cool.30may2013

May 31: Trying more new coffee shops- at the Barn in Mitte. Red lipstick is a pre-req for coffee-shop-testing.31may2013