Flying Over the Alps

by Heidi Obermeyer

palps6palps5palps4palps1palps3palps8palps2Bonjourno! Right now I am slowly getting ready for my first full day in Palermo, Sicily visiting Morgan. Sicily is so cool! I just had to share some pictures from my flight yesterday out of Zurich- the views of the Alps were AMAZING. I couldn’t stop staring out the window the whole time we were over the mountains and took a kazillion pictures. Since Zurich isn’t too far from where the Alps really start geting big, we were still gaining altitude when we first began to fly over them, and the peaks were surprisingly close! It was so beautiful and made me miss hiking and skiing like crazy. My 10 euro window seat reservation for that flight was well worth it- just a little tip if you ever fly out of Zurich on a clear day. But now… time to check out Palermo! Ciao 🙂