Istanbul Part IV: Museums Galore!

by Heidi Obermeyer

istanarch15istanarch14istanarch13istanarch3istanarch11istanarch12istanarch1istanarch10istanarch6istanarch7istanarch2istanarch8istanarch9istanarch23istanarch26istanarch24istanarch16istanarch21istanarch20istanarch17istanarch19istanarch18I got back yesterday from an awesome visit to Sicily to see Morgan, but I still have lots of pictures from Istanbul. So Italy pictures coming soon, but for now, back to Turkey 🙂
One thing about being in a city with a long history is that there are a kazillion museums to visit. I actually took a class last spring about the pre-Roman archeology of Turkey (don’t be impressed, it was a total snooze and my professor was really mean, which caused me to intentionally learn nothing of of spite. Also laziness, probably) so I kind-of-sort-of knew what we were looking at. We visited the Archaeology Museum (interesting and empty of other visitors) and the Topkapı Palace (interesting and PACKED full of other visitors). Both were worth a stop, but if possible I would recommend avoiding the palace on the weekend- we arrived promptly at opening on a Saturday morning and the whole place was full.
My favorite museum in Istanbul (and the smallest/least crowded that we visited) was the mosaic museum next to the Blue Mosque. It was an awesome collection of mosaics and houses the largest continuous surviving piece of mosaic in the world (which is actually just the centerpiece of the museum- they built the building over the site). I’m not usually that into archaeology, but I really liked seeing that. I have a tough time imagining what Roman ruins were like before they were ruins sometimes, but for some reason the mosaics helped me imagine the grandeur that some of these people lived in.
Anyway, not much more to say- just lots of pictures of ancient things and beautiful tiled façades. Still to come- cruisin’ the Bosphorus between two continents. Have a happy Monday!