A Little Berlin Check-In

by Heidi Obermeyer

It’s been a while since Berlin (at least, Berlin outside my kitchen) has made a blog appearance! And lots has been going on since I got back from Sicily. Things have gotten HOT here (today I went to see President Obama’s speech at the Brandenburg Gate, and I am still reeling the from the heat exposure of ~4 hours in direct sun). I am just waiting for a nice rainstorm to come in and take the edge off.

Besides the Obama speech, nothing terribly exciting to report- just living the Berlin student life. Last weekend I went and walked around at Hackescher Markt and actually went back into all of the Hoffe (courtyards) where I discovered lots of pleasant stores, including one with gourmet chocolates. A few went home with me, and the marzipan-filled one didn’t make it very far, as you can see above. In other food news, I am obsessed with these delicious Turkish wraps that you can get at street markets in this city. They’re called Gözleme (which in all honesty I still do not know how to pronounce, but so far the vendors have gone with it when I awkwardly mumble and point) and they are such a good lunch! I have to say, I might even like them better than Dürum. I’m also on the hunt for some Berlin artwork to take home, a la my Czech envelopes. I looked around at Mauerpark flea market last weekend but couldn’t find the screen printing booth I was looking for- that market gets significantly bigger and more crowded in the summer! I’ll have to try again in a few weeks.

One of my Dutch intern friends and I also went to an open air cinema in Kreuzberg (Freiluftkino Kreuzberg) and it was really fun! We brought along blankets and snacks and watched To Rome With Love, a Woody Allen movie. I didn’t realize I liked Woody Allen until Birgit was telling me about all the movies he’s made- I definitely need to watch more! So far I think I’ve only seen Midnight in Paris and To Rome With Love. What should be next?

This week I’m just going to try and stay out of the heat- maybe go to the movies or find myself somewhere else to cool off. I’m going up to Hamburg this weekend again and then head to Bavaria next week to meet Emily for some Munich exploring- I can’t wait! Time is really starting to fly, as it tends to do in summer. I only have a few more weeks left in Berlin, and a little over a month left in Germany. I need to get crackin’ on both schoolwork and touristy Berlin activities. Now’s the time! Pictures from Sicily coming soon- I just thought we needed a little Berlin-oriented update around here. Stay cool this week!