Project 365: June 2013

by Heidi Obermeyer

June 1: A long run all the way to the Tiergarten.1june2013
June 2: A boring day at home- in the stairway of my apartment building.2june2013
June 3: Chalk art at Alexanderplatz.3june2013
June 4: Sparkly shoes day.4june2013
June 5: On my way to Sicily- flying through Zurich and over the Alps.5june2013
June 6: In Palermo, Sicily.6june2013
June 7: At Mondello beach.7june2013
June 8: On a bike ride adventure! Olive trees.8june2013
June 9: My last day in Sicily.9june2013
June 10: New flowers are in season.10june2013
June 11: Some cool monkey street art!11june2013
June 12: Preemptive U-bahn nostalgia.12june2013
June 13: My basil is multiplying. Bwahaha!13june2013
June 14: More Volkspark Friedrichshain scenery.14june2013
June 15: Käsekuchen backen!15june2013
June 16: Open air viewing of To Rome With Love.16june2013
June 17: Biked to the Tiergarten and did some painting and reading.18june2013
June 18: Washi tapes.18realjune2013
June 19: Saw the POTUS and Merkel after waiting ewig lang in the sun.19june2013
June 20: Street Food Thursday with Pernille! Froyo inklusiv!20june2013
June 21: In Hamburg, looking at the yet-to-be-completed Elbe Philharmonic.21june2013
June 22: Cheesecake with raspberry heart swirls!22june2013
June 23: Reading in the garden.23june2013
June 24: Heading back to Berlin. “Do not board.”24june2013
June 25: It was raining hard today! And my tram was running late.25june2013
June 26: Cherry season!26june2013
June 27: Back in Oberstaufen.27june2013
June 28: Wagen in Allgäu.28june2013
June 29: Waiting for Emily at the airport in Munich!29june2013
June 30: A climb up Alter Peter.30june2013