Sicilian Gelato Adventures

by Heidi Obermeyer

palg2palg1palg3Emily visited me in Germany a little over a week ago, which was awesome! We did (understatement alert) A LOT, so many pictures are coming your way of our travels. One of her most common observations was how focused I have become on food, which I think is perfectly reasonable, but seems to be a little wacky to outsiders. I am not ashamed! I will stand tall for all that is sugar-filled and bread-coated! Especially when that thing is delicious, delicious Sicilian gelato.
I’m going to make this short: Everything you have ever heard about how amazing gelato is in Italy is a lie because the word amazing does not convey the pure bliss that is this frozen godliness. And in Sicily, they make your dessert (or, let’s be real, lunch/breakfast) even BETTER by PUTTING THE ICE CREAM IN BREAD. People. This is a revolution that needs to make its way to America. Sicilian gelato in a brioche is easily one of the most satisfying things I have ever eaten with zero remorse. My favorite flavors were stracciatella and pistachio, both of which I had multiple times over the course of the trip. Moral of the story: Somebody needs to find the inspirational Italian who thought of putting his ice cream in bread and give him medal, a standing ovation, and an American visa- I need this stuff at home!