Grüß di Bayern! Back in Munich.

by Heidi Obermeyer

emilymuc1 emilymuc2 emilymuc3 emilymuc5 emilymuc4 emilymuc6 emilymuc7 emilymuc8 emilymuc9 emilymuc10 emilymuc11 emilymuc12 emilymuc13At the end of June Emily came to visit! It was so exciting to have her finally see what I’ve been up to for the past couple o’ years. And see what I’ve been up to she did- we started out in Munich, where we explored the city and went to Garmisch and Ludwig’s most famous castles (Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau) and then continued on to Berlin, where, as we know, there are a million and one things for a visitor to see.

We hit all my old haunts in München- Pommes, Weisses Bräuhaus, Killian’s- and walked a lot, despite a few days of rainy-ish weather. It was so strange- it felt as though no time had passed since I left the city almost a year ago. It was, however, very cool to see a lot of construction that was going on the entire time I lived there had been finished- there’s a really nice park behind the Rathaus now AND the scaffolding has been taken off one of the spires of the Frauenkirche! It was nice to finally get a real look at that church.

Other highlights of our wanderings (seriously, we walked A LOT) included the Englischer Garten, Schloss Nymphenburg, the Neue Pinakothek, Ballabeni ice cream (da BEST in Munich), and climbing Alter Peter, of course!

I enjoyed Munich a lot more not having to live in Studentenstadt (what a surprise, eh?). It’s amazing how much your living situation can influence your experience of a place. Germany is awesome in the summer, and it’s even more awesome when you don’t have to live in 40-year-old miniature dorm rooms. Plus, being somewhere with someone who hasn’t been there before made me see things with newer eyes, too.

I’m leaving Germany tomorrow… for now it’s back to some frantic packing! Happy Monday!