Raspberry Picking and My Berlin Kitchen

by Heidi Obermeyer

Well kids, I’m back in Colorado. Since coming home (after a brief hiccup auf dem Weg that involved staying a night in Chicago) I’ve been toddling all over the place visiting friends and seeing family who I haven’t been around since January. This past weekend I went to Aspen, where Laura and I took pictures while we were picking raspberries at my grandfather’s farm. It was pouring rain for most of the day, but things cleared up enough by the evening that we could tromp through the bushes in relative comfort, minus occasional glances into the neighboring brush to make sure that the black bear who had been coming around wasn’t about to try and get in on the raspberry fun.

Raspberries are my favorite berry, and it has been a very long time since I got to pick some myself! Since I can finally dig out my baking supplies from storage while I’m back, I think these razzies are going to find their way into some kind of vanilla-custard tart. Maybe even with a touch of Elderflower to boot! We’re also going to pick up some apricots on the way home today, and I think this jam will be just the ticket. Summer baking, here I come!

On a literary note, I also finally got the chance to read My Berlin Kitchen after finding it waiting for me serendipitously on my aunt’s bookshelf. It’s the book that developed from the delightful food blog The Wednesday Chef, written by a woman named Luisa Weiss who grew up in West Berlin. People. I LOVED this book. Maybe it was the Berlin homesickness kicking in (get it together Heidi, it’s been less than a week) or maybe it was seeing so many German recipes that one rarely finds in America gathered in one place, but I devoured this book with gusto. It’s a memoir with recipes, meaning that Luisa tells stories about her experiences growing up stretched across continents and cultures. Some parts of the book I wanted to point out to anyone who would listen- “Look! Look at this! Do you realize how important that sentence is?! That is exactly how I felt in Germany! This helped define my life for a while!” and some parts reminded me so accurately of Berlin that I could hear the sounds she was describing as I read (the noise that cars make driving over cobblestones really is something unique). Anyway, I have to recommend this book to anyone who likes cooking, who has lived abroad for any length of time, or who just enjoys the ways in which travel and food and different parts of the world can mix so splendidly. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This week I am going to work on some sewing projects (I don’t know if I warned you before I left- I had crafty PLANS for being in America, y’all!) and try and finish up a paper for one of my classes. This German academic scheduling can be a blessing and a curse!