Project 365: July 2013

by Heidi Obermeyer

July 1: Neuschwanstein in Allgäu.1july2013

July 2: Hiking near Garmisch-Partnachkirchen with Emily.2july2013

July 3: Back in Berlin! Waiting for a good-bye party to start near Brandenburger Tor.3july2013

July 4: Happy Birthday America! Dunkin’ Donuts catered.4july2013

July 5: Near the East Side Gallery- more faces!5july2013

July 6: Tea at Zeit für Brot.6july2013

July 7: Looking for art to take home at Mauerpark.7july2013

July 8: Meeting friends at Brandenburger Tor.8july2013

July 9: Enjoying Prenzlauer Berg.9july2013

July 10: Reading my new book at Zeit für Brot (Yes, I’m obsessed. It’s the rolls! They’re so good!)10july2013

July 11: Ahhh… Fernsehturm.11july2013

July 12: Visiting Potsdam- Sansoucci.12july2013

July 13: Holi Festival- the aftermath included powder in my hair for days.13july2013

July 14: A favorite piece of street art.14july2013

July 15: Visiting the zoo and aquarium.15july2013

July 16: Arrival in Oberstaufen.16july2013

July 17: Hiking in Austria.17july2013

July 18: A refreshing post-hike drink.18july2013

July 19:  An art exhibition.19july2013

July 20: Heimat.20july2013

July 21: Yes, that’s right- a water ski lift.21july2013

July 22: Returning to Berlin for the last time, all in yellow.22july2013

July 23: Aufwiedersehen Berlin!23july2013

July 24: Chicago O’Hare.24july2013

July 25: My first quilt!25july2013

July 26: No but seriously guys. I’m really proud of this quilt.26july2013

July 27: A foggy evening near Aspen.23july2013

July 28: An arts festival in Aspen.28july2013

July 29: Raspberry picking in Aspen.29july2013

July 30: Walking in City Park.30july2013

July 31: A slice of Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake.31july2013