A Wanderung in Austria

by Heidi Obermeyer

austhike1 austhike2 austhike3 austhike4 austhike5 austhike6 austhike7 austhike8 austhike9 austhike10 austhike11
These are some pictures from hiking in July with my relatives in Austria, somewhere near the border with Germany. We had an awesome day of hiking that started just the way I like it- with a ski lift ride up to our starting point! I really like this and don’t understand why we don’t do it in the U.S. Heidi hypothesis on that #1: Trails are more compact in Europe, so they overlap with other outdoor recreational areas more often than they do in the expansive U.S. Heidi hypothesis on that #2: I just haven’t done this in the States yet and it totally exists, I am just unaware.

I didn’t bring hiking shoes to Berlin because I assumed I would be doing (sniffle!) next to no hiking while I lived in DA BIG CITY. Luckily I did end up spending a good amount of time in Oberstaufen and bought those swanky new hiking boots pictured above to go tromping around in. My previous pair of hiking shoes were cut just below the ankle, so these new ones are great for some real support on longer Wanderungen.

Speaking of Wanderungen, I feel like I have forgotten a ton of German since I got home. I really miss speaking it… and by speaking it I mean speaking it and eavesdropping on random Germans in public. Every time I go to an English-speaking country after being in Deutschland for a while I am hyperaware of stranger’s conversations. I just get so used to listening hard and trying to make every outing a language lesson that I listen in on convos that I have zero interest in at home. Or maybe they’re the same conversations that were happening in Germany, but a couple of kids bickering just sounds more glamorous in a Fremdsprache. Who knows.

Lately my friends and I have been saying “hashtag science” whenever we hypothesize something that is completely unfounded in actual science. I think it might be influenced by how funny Jesse is in Breaking Bad with all of his scientific suggestions. (#science to that sentence?) Anyway, it’s just something fun and twitter-related that’s been going on. This week I’ve been working on collecting fabrics for a quilt that my mom and I are going to start while I’m out East in a few weeks- I need 26 different fabrics, and that is actually turning out to be sort of difficult to find since I want all blues and greys.

That’s about all for today- I’ll be back later in the week with (surprise surprise) another cake recipe 🙂