Let’s discuss the insane flooding in Colorado right now.

by Heidi Obermeyer

boulderfloodingpicWell guys, it looks like I left Colorado just in time- reading about this flooding has been CRAZY. I am currently in Connecticut visiting my family before I head to England on the 20th, and when my brother and I flew out on the 9th from Denver the rain had just come in. Our flight was delayed by about 5 hours because the plane that we were supposed to take had been diverted to Colorado Springs due to weather- and that, as far as I know, is not usually an airport where commercial airliners land!
We ended up getting in to Hartford at 3 a.m. or something outrageous, and the next morning I woke up to 5-6 emergency texts from the University of Colorado, all with messages about flooding in Boulder. It has been strangely fascinating to wake up each morning to new news of destruction and flooding right where I used to live and go to school- most recently, a pedestrian bridge I used to take to class all the time was pictured on instagram destroyed, with a piece dangling haphazardly into the water.
It’s been pretty amazing to check out pictures of the flooding through twitter and instagram- #boulderflood, if anyone is interested- because lots of students, and therefore people who live in the areas I used to frequent- are posting pictures and sharing stories through those channels. Ali keeps in touch with the girls living at our old apartment, and so far they say it hasn’t flooded, which is shocking considering its proximity to both the creek and a drainage ditch right behind the building.
Fort Collins, where I went to high school, has also been hit hard with torrential rain- most major roads out of town to my house were closed late last week, and again, seeing the water levels in photos is captivating. If you know Fort Collins or the Loveland area at all, the local paper made an excellent aerial video of flooding that shows some crazy water levels around Northern Colorado.
Anyway, that’s my update as of now- everyone I know in Boulder is safe and without property damage so far, although I don’t think anyone is going to be heading up to Estes Park through Lyons anytime soon. I might be MIA this week scurrying around and getting ready for Bath, so never fear if there’s silence from my end for a few days here. Stay safe and out of those floodwaters Coloradans- you never know what gross stuff is lurking in there!