Settling in, in Bath.

by Heidi Obermeyer

bathmusings1 bathmusings2 bathmusings3 bathmusings4 bathmusings5

This week has been so busy; it feels like two have passed instead of one. I’ve picked classes- lots on security and even development, interestingly enough- and gotten to know campus a bit. It’s cozy and British and full of international students trying to find their way in this crazy U.K. world. The pictures above are just from randomly exploring this week- eating my first pasty today (pretty much like all the British food I’ve tried so far- thick and gut-warming and perfect for a rainy day), walking by an apple orchard on the way to a friend’s house, and in a really cool antique bookstore where essentially everything was out of my price range.

I walk around a lot- the grocery store is 20 minutes each way, and the whole city is fairly compact- so I’ve seen a lot of Bath, but am finding it hard to capture in photos. I haven’t lived in a touristy town before, and it’s got pluses and minuses. Pluses: A UNESCO World Heritage site a ~10 minutes walk away, tons of bus and train service for a smaller town, and well-marked public maps. Minuses: Finding good food/coffee seems hard downtown, lots of hyped up gift shops, and swarms of tourists anywhere near the baths themselves. I guess I got used to German cities like Regensburg where everything is old and UNESCO-y but there still aren’t many people around. Anyway, pictures seemed easier somehow in Berlin. I kind of got used to capturing weird stuff there. Bath is a different kind of photogenic.

To rewind (at least for my American readers), Bath is home to an excellent ancient bath complex dating back to Roman times, one that’s extremely well-preserved and pretty darn impressive, considering how it’s stood the tests of time. Since it’s such a short ride from London and just generally pretty awesome, Bath is the premiere tourist destination ’round these parts. So tourists. We’ve got lots of ’em.

In my last post I talked about how much I like the accent. That post actually got retweeted by a Bath-related twitter account, and some 500+ page views and slew of twitter welcomes (and criticisms… one random person was offended that I liked the accent, which is a little beyond me. I was complimenting you! That’s like me saying, “Wow, you have really pretty eyes!” and them saying, “Ugh, ALL Americans say that.” Sheesh. Lighten up a little!) later I’m starting to pick up a few British-isms myself. One semi-annoying thing is that I’ve started reading British websites in a British accent in my head, which is weird. I’m going to try to stop doing that.

I’m missing coffee- especially the ubiquitous cheap and generally high quality coffees in Germany- but am averaging what I would estimate to be about 1.7 cups of tea a day, which I can’t imagine is good for my sparkly white smile.

Other thoughts and links for today:

It always makes me happy to read about German in the New York Times. Deutsch, du fehlst mir!

I laughed at the witty commentary in this Breaking Bad Walt Junior article on Buzzfeed. I can’t believe the last episode is so close!

Katelyn and I talked about making savory raspberry scones. I was thinking adapting these might be a good start. I’ve got to find something I can slather clotted cream all over at home.

In case you haven’t found it yet, I’m fully enjoying the Gentleman Scholar advice column in Slate.

Have a good weekend, kids. I’m sure I’ll be finding a very British way to enjoy mine 🙂