Project 365: August 2013

by Heidi Obermeyer

August 1: Hiking Chatacqua in Boulder.1aug2013

August 2: Doing some research and happened upon a strange library book…2aug2013

August 3: Bitter Bar!3aug2013

August 4: 4th of July trailhead near Eldora.4aug2013

August 5: Glaciers on the way to Alaska.5aug2013

August 6: Owl pellets for sale!6aug2013

August 7: Alaska 🙂7aug2013

August 8: Kayaking day.8aug2013

August 9: Cake baking!9aug2013

August 10: Alaskan sunset, 10 p.m.10aug2013

August 11: Blueberries.11aug2013

August 12: I sewed over the summer….12aug2013

August 13: … a lot. And was proud of it.13aug2013

August 14: So I bought a bunch of fabric.14aug2014

August 15: Sick in the summer! 😦15aug2013

August 16: An Alaskan thank you note.16aug2013

August 17: Touring New Belgium.17aug2013

August 18: Salmon eggs benedict.18aug2013

August 19: Hangin’ at home.19aug2013

August 20: Hiking Sanitas in Boulder.20aug2013real

August 21: Waiting for my panini at the UMC. Long lines!21aug2013

August 22: Coffee at Brewing Market.22aug2013

August 23: West End.23aug2013

August 24: Seriously guys, the sewing. It doesn’t end. 24aug2013

August 25: Coffee in Denver.25aug2013

August 26: Making breakfast!26aug2013

August 27: This is actually an embarrassing amount of sewing. Note to self: Get a life.27aug2013

August 28: Colorado hang out.28aug2013

August 29: Seeing The Spectacular Now at the Mayan in Denver.29aug2013

August 30: Lunch with Susanna.30aug2013

August 31: Breakfast at Susanna’s.31aug2013