Bath, meet blog. Blog, meet Bath!

by Heidi Obermeyer

It seems fitting that I am writing this post on my 1-month living-in-Bath anniversary, already 1/3 (!!!) of the way through the semester and my time here. I’ve had a few weeks to explore the city, drink plenty of good coffee and tea (thanks mostly to everyone’s recommendations after this post) and resist buying all manner of material goods in the huge number of cute shops in this town. For those of you not familiar with Bath, it’s this wonderful little town about 100 miles west of London. It’s all Georgian architecture, all the time around these parts- all the historical buildings in town (essentially most of the buildings in town) are built out of local limestone, which weathers horribly (I hear) but looks fantastic. I can’t claim to be any expert on Bathonian history, but if you’re interested I’m sure wikipedia can help you out.

I have become familiar with the major sights about town- the Abbey, where carved versions of pilgrims fall to their deaths along the edges of what is otherwise a very pleasant-looking building, Pulteney Bridge, which is in impressive condition, and, of course, the Roman baths, which are easily identified by the massive number of tourists queuing (yes folks, we’re in Britain now. There shall be NO lines here!) merrily outside the entrance on weekends.

The weather has been surprisingly nice- like any good American traveler, I indulged in serious stereotyping and assumed that it would rain all-day-evury-day here, but that hasn’t really been the case. Just look at all the delightful sunshine we got while I was out taking pictures on Saturday! It does rain and is overcast a lot of the time, but the weather changes quickly and there have been a significant number of sunny afternoons to enjoy.

One surprising fun thing to do here has been shopping at the various weekend markets- there’s a farmer’s market every Saturday and a vintage market two Sundays out of the month, both located in a charming old railway station. So far I’ve resisted collecting too much British memorabilia, but I did give in and buy myself a sweater and a few cute flower prints to take home. I hope this was a good photographic introduction to a lovely city- Bath is awesome! 🙂