Tasty Veggie Eats at the Green Rocket Café

by Heidi Obermeyer

greenrocket1greenrocket2greenrocket3greenrocket4greenrocket5greenrocket6greenrocket7greenrocket8Bath is absolutely FULL of good restaurants. Like, seriously. A few weeks ago, Katelyn made an awesome foodie discovery by trying out the Green Rocket Café, and we returned for a very satisfying lunch last weekend. Their menu is all vegetarian, but includes varying degrees of vegan and gluten-free-ness as well, if that’s what you’re into. Katelyn got a tasty burger, and I got General Tso’s tofu with broccoli. To quench our undying thirst for life, we also got ginger beer (our unofficial non-alcohol drink in this country). It was DA BEST ginger beer I’ve ever had! Crisp with a really great fiery note at the end. You could really tell the stuff was chock-full of ginger, yum yum yum. Their space is partially decorated with art from local artists, which is tastefully arranged to make you want to buy ALL of it because it’s so darn cool (Seriously… I just about walked out of there with 5 different prints in hand). And those colander lights? Be still my heart! I highly recommend the Green Rocket Café if you’re ever in town, for a meal or even just for coffee and cake! It’s fairly close to the city center but maintains a quiet and relatively relaxed atmosphere. A+ work, team!

If you go….

The Green Rocket Café

1 Pierrepont Street
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 420084

They’re on twitter as well. Tweet tweet!