The Bath Skyline Walk, not to be confused with Luke Skywalker.

by Heidi Obermeyer

bathskyline1bathskyline2bathskyline3bathskyline4bathskyline5bathskyline6bathskyline7bathskyline8bathskyline9bathskyline10bathskyline11bathskyline12bathskyline13bathskyline14Okay, so maybe “Bath Skyline Walk” doesn’t sound a lot like Luke Skywalker. I thought putting “sky” and “walk” in the same sentence seemed like it was close enough. I was going to spend today writing about London, and how adventurous and fun and urban and hip it was. London is a cool city. World class. Obvi. But we went on a really pretty hike yesterday, and given my general affinity for leafy wilderness pictures, I’ve decided that priority #1 is bringing a very British November hike to the blog. For science.

Bath has gotten cold. I can see my breath outside sometimes now, which is the official indicator of winter. The Brits tell me snow should be on its way, but I’ve yet to see a hint of anything besides rain as far as precipitation goes. Ali and I got lucky with the weather for our lovely walk- it was sunny the whole time, which made for some great views and pictures. We were lucky we got an early start- as the day wore on, all the mud that had frozen the previous night started to thaw, which lead to a few slippery hills and one harmless fall on the last leg of our journey.

The Bath Skyline Walk is very pretty- it’s an easy way to get a good look at the surrounding countryside without having a car or traveling outside of town using anything but your own two feet. It broadly loops around the university, crossing fields and going along fences, until you return to your starting point on Bathwick Hill. Conveniently, the National Trust had set up a little trailer where they were passing out maps and selling memberships right at the start of the walk, and we got lost only a few times very briefly, mostly because of road crossings. England tends to fulfill stereotypes- the long and winding stone walls, the fluffy sheep dotting hillsides, a touch of fog in the morning- that sometimes it’s hard to remember that I’m actually here and not in a movie or something. Visitors are always good for reminding you how cool stuff is, so thanks for reminding me about England, Ali. 🙂

I have more pictures to share from the rest of our trip- we were in London for a while and I finally went to the Roman baths- so those will trickle out over the next couple of days. Now that Ali’s headed home, it’s the home stretch for me here in Britain- 3 papers, 1 thesis proposal, and 26 more days left. Mix in a few job applications and planning a Thanksgiving extravaganza and you’ve got a pretty good feel for my life right now. Luckily I’ve got plenty of disco hits to get me through (thank Mama Mia! for introducing that guilty pleasure) and I think I’ll survive. Have a great week!