Aspen Adventures Part II: Walking near Maroon Bells

by Heidi Obermeyer

Since most of the X Games events were in the evening (or started later in the day, around noon or 1) we had some time to hang out in and around Aspen before our second evening of snow sport mania. I remembered having gone to Maroon Bells in the winter a few years ago and it being stunningly beautiful, so we decided to trek up that way (about 10 minutes outside of Aspen) to see how far up the snowed-in road we could get to see the mountains.

I think Maroon Bells is one of the prettiest places in Colorado. It’s a little cliché- google image search this state and it’s one of the top results- but it’s simply gorgeous in every season. As I said before, you can’t drive all they way up to Maroon Lake in the winter- the area is only accessible by cross country skis, snowmobile, or what I imagine would be an ambitious walk. I’m usually not a huge cross country skiing fan (I’m sorry Ali!) but I think it would actually be really pleasant to coast along through the woods up to the lake. Snowmobiling, although tons of fun, is super expensive- the cheapest tour we found in Aspen was 200 dollars for a two-hour trip. Yikes! Anyway, we spent about a half hour walking along the road (it’s snowy but well-packed from snowmobile traffic) and took some long-distance pictures of the mountains. There is just something so satisfying about being out in the snow on a sunny day 🙂