Happy Last Friday in February!

by Heidi Obermeyer

February is over; we did it! We survived most of winter, everyone. Spring is creeping closer. You can feel it in the sunshine in Denver today and the evenings with just enough light for a run. I am looking forward to being here for a volatile Colorado spring- it’s kind of fun that the bulbs will be popping up one day and then covered in a few inches of snow the next.

I was in San Diego last weekend, so I’ll have posts on that coming next week. For now, here is the Heidi internet round-up for your Friday procrastination pleasure:

I’ve got a soft spot for the Dalai Lama, and this article reminded me– life is about happiness.

One of my British friends introduced me to the lovely baking blog Poires au Chocolat, and I think her sour cream chocolate-laced soufflé may be the perfect first attempt at the notoriously fickle dish.

As Yanukovych is pouting in Russia about the current Ukrainian quagmire, I thought this morning about how all these ousted dictators are like pouty toddlers who haven’t gotten their way. Then I realized that that is probably a majority of politicians, regardless of what country they’re in.

This week’s “I want to go to there” is this ski cabin in Switzerland.

When I finally, someday, maybe, sort-of-kind-of get around to actually learning how to knit a hat, I know I am going to make a kazillion of them. I think this will be my first Mütze.

I’m thinking my next time period obsession might be the Great Depression. This book could be just the ticket to send me down another historical rabbit hole (I’m currently climbing my way out of WWII, although I’m not sure that interest will ever leave me.)

Call me sports scandal sheltered, but I had never before heard of the crazy ice skating scandal detailed in that Nancy and Tonya documentary that was on NBC before the closing ceremonies. It is so crazy how the same situation today could have played out so differently though social media- I thought that was a really good point made by a reporter in the film.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend- and if you’re somewhere warm, sit in the sun for a few minutes for me!