Too much Orca. Didn’t that sound a little Orca-ish to you?

by Heidi Obermeyer

sdaq1sdaq2sdaq3sdaq4sdaq5sdaq6sdaq7sdaq6.5sdaq8sdaq9sdaq10Man, there’s just no way to get through a post about ocean life without a Finding Nemo reference! I’m spitting these things out all over instagram and this post and I haven’t even actually gone diving yet. By the time I get around to using my PADI certification you guys are going to be totally sick of my ocean fascination.

While in San Diego it was a little hard to find touristy stuff to do that hadn’t been accomplished on my last trip out there in January of 2013. While on the TripAdvisor hunt, we stumbled across Birch Aquarium and decided that it’s ratings and reviews- one even mentioning that it was a pretty small place, visitable in an afternoon- made it a perfect activity for our Sunday. Luckily it was Museum Month in San Diego, so there were discounts at a bunch of places, including the aquarium for the weekend that I was in town. It worked out well- our tickets were all half price from the usual $17 for an adult, and we all agreed that the aquarium was small enough that the half price seemed much more reasonable. I mean, taking care of animals is a costly thing, so it’s understandable that they need to make enough money to sustain that, but man. As a still-kind-of-college-student, I sure am glad it was Museum Month. Plus the aquarium is La Jolla, which in my opinion is one of the prettiest parts of San Diego. So that is an extra bit of winning for this place!

The aquarium is pretty small but has a really nice collection (er… assemblage? menagerie?) of creatures. I liked that there was a focus on the California coast’s wildlife and geographical features…. those weird ocean drop-offs sure are scary! They had a lot of jellyfish, and I like jellyfish. I say that, of course, never having been stung by one. That would probably change my impression, but they sure are fun to watch drift around in the dark. They also had an exploration tide pool or whatever you call the area where you get to do the unthinkable and actually touch some animals- the creepiest were the sea anemones, who are surprisingly grippy underwater! It was really funny to watch kids reacting to the squishy/rough creatures. I think it would be so much fun to work at an aquarium, especially one with one of those huge tanks that people can dive in. Getting the fish’s perspective on all the people outside the glass would be pretty funny! How have your aquarium experiences been lately? Any that are particularly worthy of a visit, outside of just actually going diving?

If you missed it- Part I of the San Diego adventuring. I hope you have a great weekend!