Beach Wanderin’ in Del Mar

by Heidi Obermeyer

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My last day in San Diego was a Monday, so I was on my own for most of the day. I decided to have a leisurely breakfast in Del Mar; eating a coffee and bagel and I sat next to the ocean. Oceans are fascinating- I feel like, despite growing up in a landlocked state, they are a recurring theme at important points in my life. Going to Europe? Cross the ocean first. Miss someone in America? Yep, they’re across an ocean. Feeling relaxed in the sunshine in a city you like? Yeah, that’s probably on the coast in California. For a while, as a child, I thought I wanted to be a marine biologist when I grew up. I had always been into animal stuff, and what better place to look at a bunch of animals than in vast expanses of water? Obviously that dream was never realized (I’ve since found an equally interesting type of animal, politicians and their associated ecosystems) but I still like to imagine hypothetical scientist Heidi when I go to the beach.

What are your plans for the weekend? I am going to go up to Fort Collins this weekend for a little hang-out time with the bro. Last night I saw the Grand Budapest Hotel (at the “Denver premiere,” which was pretty exciting) and I really liked it! It was fun to watch it with such a happy crowd- everyone laughed out loud at the funny parts of the movie. And Ralph Finnes was great! I’d recommend it. I hope you have a great weekend- catch you on the flip side.