Back to San Francisco

by Heidi Obermeyer

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Hey there everyone! I’m back, back, back in Colorado after a wonderful week in California. That seemed to be just the kick that things here needed to start getting green and just the respite I needed to gear up for life in the next few months.

I love San Francisco. It’s my favorite city in the U.S.- big enough to feel cosmopolitan, yet close to so much awesome stuff to do outside.

Some of the delights of the Bay Area that were enjoyed this time around:

Philz Coffee, for a mint mojito iced coffee.
Tartine Bakery, which I plan to blog about at some point.
Burma Superstar, delicious Burmese food.
Arizmendi Bakery, for tasty pastries and Drip’d Coffee Lab for a capp before a morning walk up to Grand View Park.
Yosemite National Park and the Wawona Hotel.
And an SF classic, Bi-rite Creamery for the best ice cream this side of anywhere. Earl Grey and Honey Lavender are my favorites.

More on these in the coming days. I hope your Tuesday is lovely.