The Golden Gate Bridge, aka my favorite structure in America

by Heidi Obermeyer

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I like the bridge. I find its whole story fascinating. I like how its colors compliment the natural landscape, and I like knowing that as soon as they finish painting it they have to start all over again. The bridge play host to so many good facts. It’s a straightforward creature. Height of the towers: 746 feet tall. Span: 8,981 feet. Paint color: international orange.

Visiting buildings and bridges and other engineering wonders feels like such a wholesome thing to do. It’s kind of old school. Here is a thing we built, and it was really hard. Come look at what humanity can do! It almost makes me want to grab a parasol and lace up my victorian lady boots. On the other hand, visiting these wonders of engineering can also feel very impersonal- when I’m in the city, I feel like SF is a friendly place, but from the bridge the fog often covers the view of downtown, and in the other direction the cold, vast Pacific looms. I enjoy temperate climates now much more than I did before I lived through a few German summers, and the brisk air and overcast skies can actually be a welcome relief to the relentless sun at higher altitudes.

After stopping to take these photos, we attempted to go up to Mount Tam, where the poppies were in full bloom and allegedly stunning. Unfortunately, and unexpectedly, carsickness brought Laura and I to our (strictly figurative) knees, and we had to turn back before getting to see all the flowers. I was very disappointed, and learned my lesson about big breakfasts before curvy drives.

Speaking of architectural wonders- covering up all that radiation in Chernobyl, the new piece of the Bay Bridge is done and awesome, and the Clifton Suspension Bridge is still pretty endearing.