Flowers of San Francisco

by Heidi Obermeyer

sfflowers1sfflowers2sfflowers3sfflowers4sfflowers5sfflowers6My favorite part of visiting temperate (and rainy-ish) climates is all of the delightful plant life that springs up when there’s actually enough water for things to grow without much human assistance. People have gardens that spill out onto sidewalks, a risk that surprises me given the rough things that could happen to precious plants on the street. There are so many awesome flowers for sale around town too- I guess they just don’t have very far to travel from the numerous flower farms in the state.

I used to buy flowers pretty often in Germany- they are so mysteriously cheap (I’m thinking of you, tulips aus Holland) and always brighten up life so much. This week I bought some white lilies from Sprouts, a first for me, and the dark brown pollen has distributed itself all over the otherwise pristine petals. Despite this, I obviously like them, particularly how voluptuous they are when they finally bloom.

Next Monday I leave for Wisconsin to begin the journey to North Carolina for graduation (Yay!). I am so excited for the trip and can’t wait to check out all our stops along the way, including Chicago (I’ve never been before, can you believe it?), the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Asheville.

For more garden-related delights: the botanical gardens in Dresden and Munich, Prior Park Landscape Garden in Bath, and flowers all over the place in Potsdam last summer.