Twin Peaks? More like Twin REAKS!

by Heidi Obermeyer

sfhill1 sfhill2 sfhill3 sfhill4 sfhill5

Just kidding! Twin Peaks is actually a great spot. I just couldn’t think of a better pun or post title, so a little hostility was my fallback plan, much like a scorned sorority girl or the original Ukrainian protesters.

San Francisco is a city of multiple vantage points. Some places you go, and there’s the one money shot, the single view that really encapsulates what that place is about. With San Francisco, there’s something to be admired from all angles, and twin peaks is just one more lovely place to gaze adoringly out at the city. If you have a car, I’d definitely recommend it.

This past week was a crazy one- I drove from Milwaukee to Chapel Hill, with many stops along the way for a variety of purposes ranging from Chicago exploration, to the Blue Ridge Parkway, to one admittedly low moment in which I devoured a bag of Funions. I’ve graduated now, and am job hunting, and the future is a little murky at the moment. So far I’m not feeling too badly about that- it’s kind of exciting, and worrying never did much for anyone. I hope you have a great weekend!